About Us

Chef Laura is the “L” behind the company. Laura has been creating fabulous meals as a private chef all over the world for over a decade. Whether the job has taken her to a remote island, in a galley of a mega yacht or an estate kitchen on the coast of Maine, Laura has always enjoyed the adventure of finding the local flavor and learning how to recreate it with her own flair. While cooking for so many people over the years she has learned to make healthy food scrumptious!

After experiencing different cultures ingredients and learning how they are used to cook with, L’s Natural Foods has created a line of all natural dressings keeping in mind the pleasure of eating is in the taste. All the while keeping with Laura’s passion of eating healthy. The dressings have low carbs, sugars and calories. You will also find these dressings to be versatile, marinate with them, use to make a dip, or use as a dressing. In a busy world cooking needs to be simple, quick and satisfying. I think you will find this with L’s.

Let L’s Natural Foods make cooking easier! Buon Appetite!

Keeping checking back for new recipes and ways to use L’s dressings.